Excavator chain buckets

Chain buckets are used for the extraction and loading of cohesive rocks. For example, it is difficult to empty wet clay soils from standard buckets. With chain buckets, the chain weight itself and the fact, that air can flow through the chain lugs, ensures easy emptying of any material.

A component part of this bucket may be a filler which can be screwed on the chain, forming the bottom of a bucket, which will create a classic digging bucket with a solid bottom.



  • chain buckets have a similar construction to classical digging buckets
  • the body of a bucket is made of a durable material (ST355), the parts which are subject to wear and tear are made of Hardox 400 material
  • we produce chain buckets equipped with a tooth system at the customer's request, but it is also possible to produce it with a smooth edge
  • we will produce the mounting of a bucket exactly for your machine
Gallery of realizations: