Protected hydraulic ditch cleaning buckets

Hydraulic ditch cleaning buckets are used for ditch cleaning, new slot dredging (with small profile), and for final conditioning of slopes. Depending on the nature of work we choose different constructional solutions of buckets:

  • ditch cleaning without teeth - for lightweight materials, final cleaning of soil, ideally smooth surface
  • ditch cleaning with teeth – for more difficult use
  • Carrier size from 15 to 28 t.

Standard configuration:

  • rigid construction bucket, wear parts are made of HARDOX 400 material, wearproof parts are made of ST52.3
  • hydraulic cylinders of our own production are proven by our years of experience

At the customer’s request:

  • ditch cleaning buckets can be equipped with a hydraulic cylinder lock (for maintaining the preset angle under all conditions)
  • changes of the profile are possible, for example, for work in river beds, under safety barriers...


Gallery of realizations: