Hydraulic cylinders

  • Development of new hydraulic cylinders (according to the customer requirements)
  • Production of standard size hydraulic cylinders
  • The components of most commonly manufactured cylinders are manufactured in CNC processing centers
  • We also design and manufacture cylinders with integrated locks, valves against falling
  • Repairs and service of all types of hydraulic cylinder

Sealing elements for hydraulic cylinders

  • Omegat seals
  • T19, L43 piston seals
  • T20 cuffs
  • O-rings
  • PU5 dirt wipers
  • Guide strips

Dimensions of hydraulic cylinders:

  • from 40/20 mm to 200/125 mm (internal diameter of a cylinder / piston rod diameter)
  • stroke up to 1600 mm
  • pressure from 1,6 MPa to 36 MPa


Gallery of realizations: