Rock loader buckets

An extremely solid bucket sized for work with aggregates and highly abrasive materials. It is suitable for loaders working in quarries or mining industry, for mining weathered or blasted rocks.


  • with a straight edge with strengthened CAT, ESCO tooth system
  • with a V-shaped edge, for easier penetration and disintegration of materials, with strengthened CAT, ESCO tooth system

Carrier size from 3 to 50 t.

Use of materials:

  • rigid construction bucket, wear parts are made of HARDOX material, wearproof parts are made of ST52.3
  • the front cutting edge, made of Hardox 500 material, can be straight or V-shaped, with a rock loader tooth system
  • the bucket is equipped with an internal liner made of HARDOX against wear and tear of the bucket bottom
  • the bottom of the bucket is welded into a triangular shape, giving improved transfer of breaking forces to the edge and increasing general bucket construction strength
Gallery of realizations: