Fixed rock buckets

Loading excavator buckets are used for loading and extraction of rocks. Depending on the nature of work we choose different constructional solutions of buckets:

  •  toothed buckets with a straight edge  - designed for loading easily or heavily workable materials or rock works, for work in highly abrasive environment (at the customer's request we will adapt the construction of the bucket)
  •  toothed buckets with a V-shaped edge  – the use is similar to the previous ones, the put forward teeth make it easier to penetrate into the material
  •  toothed buckets for loading grav el - relatively light bucket weigh t and its grid construction ensure optimum use of the machine power. Sand and clay fall through the gaps in the bottom of the bucket

Carrier size from 25 to 90 t.



Use of materials:

  • rigid construction bucket, wear parts are made of HARDOX 400 and HARDOX 500 materials, wearproof parts are made of ST52.3
  • the front cutting edge, made of Hardox 500 material, can be smooth, with a replaceable smooth edge or can be equipped with a loading tooth system