Jaw rock buckets

Loading excavator buckets are used for loading and extraction of rocks. The construction of the bucket is similar to the fixed rock bucket.

Advantages of using a hydraulic jaw bucket:

  • emptying is carried out without turning the bucket over, only by opening it
  • rear bucket wall is equipped with a blade (optionally replaceable), which can be used for final terrain cleaning, raking the remains of rocks ...
  • open jaws can move and load stones like clamshells
  • due to the opening of bucket jaws it is possible to achieve a greater dump height
  • emptying time is shorter by 1/3 to 1/2 than for fixed buckets
  • they are more economical than fixed rock buckets because they allow emptying from a smaller height
  • at your will it is possible to add a central lubrication system

Carrier size from 25 to 90 t.


Use of materials:

  • rigid construction bucket, wear parts are made of HARDOX 400 and HARDOX 500 materials, wearproof parts are made of ST52.3
  • the front cutting edge, made of Hardox 500 material, can be smooth, with a replaceable smooth edge or can be equipped with a loading tooth system
  • for increased durability pins are placed in hardened bushings
  • bucket opening is carried out by a pair of hydraulic cylinders of our production